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Coyote Hunting Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia offers excellent opportunities for Coyote hunting, from open agricultural Fields, Frozen lakes and open logging roads are the main hunting venues we tend to stick with on our hunts.

We use the best electronic caller made today and it sure works well when we get into an area with coyotes.

Calling Predators can be very exciting to say the least.

Like any hunting there is never a 100% guarantee on an opportunity as these big Country animals travel large areas so they change from day to day with these critters. We do a lot of scouting, working with farmers and local Wildlife Officials to know where there are larger numbers and even problem areas, these are the places we try to target to increase the odds and success rate!

Winter months are the best and most successful time of year, with a more limited food supply and the need for more calories they tend to respond to the call a lot quicker then the rest of the year.

With our season on Coyotes year round, there are weapon stipulations throughout the year, but you are able to hunt with a centerfire rifle until the end of March. 

Coyote Hunting in the Snow
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