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Why Book Through Us?

Great Question!

First off It cost you Nothing!

Our trips are sold at the Outfitters advertised price, we put no Markup on anything we sell.

When booking through a booking agency there is value added, in that most outfitters will give that extra effort to impress as the Agency typically sends them a far amount of business and they don't want to loose that business.

Over many years of guiding & Outfitting myself I've gotten to know a lot of folks in the industry and many clients. Some of these clients have traveled around the world pursuing many different species in a tremendous amount of locations.

In talking with many folks who have been to these destination and speak very highly of them puts my trust in these venues and the folks behind them. There are a lot of outfitters out there and not all are equal, sorting these out to fit your needs and desires can be a daunting task, after all vacation time and money don't come easy!

We will help tailor your trip and find the perfect outfitter to accommodate your dream.

Assisting in travel arrangements, equipment and any needs or advice we can assist in are all things we can help you with, and above all you'll build a relationship With one person dealing with all your future adventures. Win Win

Lets find your next Adventure!

Global Rescue Partner
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