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Podcast Appearances

Dead Drift Society

Dead Drift Society
"Atlantic Salmon, Stripped Bass & Fly Fishing Techniques"

Join Andrew and I as we talk about  Fishin'.... 
It's a long one as we cover a lot, so grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy! 

The Destination Angler Podcast

The Destination Angler Podcast
"Atlantic Salmon"

Join Steve and I as we talk about Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland, Canada

Fly Fishing Insiders Podcast

Fly Fishing Insider Podcast
"Atlantic Salmon"

Join Greg and I as we sit down and talk about fly fishing, Guiding and a life long passion for Atlantic Salmon !

Days in wild Podcast

Days in the Wild Podcast
"Big Game Hunting"

Join John Stallone and myself as we talk about big game Newfoundland Moose & Caribou to Cues deer to javelina in Arazona.

Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast

Maritime Outdoorsman Podcast
"The Stuck Buck"

Join Dave Doggett and I as I sit down with him and tell the story of finding my target buck stuck to a tree and freed him, only to never see him again!

The Guide Shack Chronicles

The Guide Shack Chronicles Podcast
Hosted By David Hartlin

Join Me as I sit and chat with Guides, Outfitters, & Industry Pro from around the World!

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